published by Dan Joanisse in
July 17, 2024

Staff Introductions – Jared Funk

I’m Jared Funk, one of the newest staff members here at CPA. I came on board in February 2018 in the role of Rehabilitation Counsellor Assistant, and will be helping out here as much as possible. I actually became a member of CPA back in 1992 when I had a car accident that left me a C6 quadriplegic. Since then I’ve kept pretty busy in life.  While in university, I met a beautiful woman and she was crazy enough to marry me and we now have 3 beautiful kids.

Besides my family, one of things in my life that I’m most proud of was being a three time Paralympic medalist playing wheelchair rugby for Team Canada for 13 years. I have had the opportunity over the years to represent various organizations and help educate the public about the benefits of fitness and sports for individuals with a disability. This role at CPA is new to me, but I have been helping people with disabilities through public outreach and educational programs for awhile using my sports background, and feel with my 25+ years of experience as a wheelchair user, I think I have a lot to offer SCI Manitoba.