To support the independence, self-reliance and full participation of
Manitobans with spinal cord injuries or disease and to support projects for the cure or prevention of spinal cord injuries.

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Every year some 35 – 40 Manitobans sustain a permanent spinal cord injury. The Manitoba Paraplegia Foundation Inc. (MPF) believes that’s 35 – 40 too many!

MPF utilizes charitable gifts from individuals and their families in a number of ways. It is this private funding that is the driving force behind MPF and the work it does in Manitoba.

MPF funds have been designated in special trusts:

  • A. T. Mann Fund – used to provide direct assistance to individuals with spinal cord injuries in areas of travel, home modifications, vocational aid and miscellaneous assistance

  • John Lane Fund – used for international and building code projects

  • Jim Donald Fund – used for staff development

  • General Fund – used for membership development, public educational services, product testing, special projects, operating costs, etc.

  • Research Fund – used for spinal cord research

  • Jean and Colin Kiddell Fund – used to aid persons with spinal cord injuries in their educational pursuits

Through these designated trust funds, MPF dollars go to work in four main areas:

  • Special Projects
  • Product Testing
  • Research
  • Direct Aid to Persons with Spinal Cord Injuries
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