published by Dan Joanisse in
June 20, 2024

Staff Introductions – Bill Keith

My name is Bill Keith. I joined SCI Manitoba in June 2018 as a rehabilitation counsellor. I retired from the Correctional Service of Canada after thirty-one years of service where I worked as a Parole Officer, and for the last eight years of my career as a certified Correctional Programs Officer specializing in the area of substance abuse. I was trained in group facilitation and during my career I worked with a variety of clients, helping them to understand their behaviour and to set attainable goals for the future in the community.

In my position with SCI Manitoba I am facilitating a program entitled “Resiliency”.  The objectives are to help participants bounce back from trauma and setbacks in life. This program focuses on helping individuals develop mental skills that will assist them to move forward rather than be held back. The program helps individuals understand themselves and to find ways to overcome personal obstacles.

The Resiliency programs are taught to a variety of organizations, which include paramedics, doctors, military personnel, firefighters and ordinary citizens who have experienced some type of trauma. One of the exciting things about this program is that resiliency is a learnable skill and that anyone can master and apply it to their life and teach it to others.  

I am very impressed with the dedication and professionalism of the SCI Manitoba staff who care about the sharing of resources that impact the well-being of others in the SCI community.

If you are interested in learning more about new group programming please call your rehabilitation counsellor for more information at 204-786-4753.