published by Dan Joanisse in
June 20, 2024

Staff Introductions – Artem Dolia

My name is Artem Dolia. I became a part of the wonderful team at SCI Manitoba as a Rehabilitation Counsellor Assistant in March 2018. My first contact with SCI Manitoba happened last summer, right after my arrival to Canada from Ukraine. I am a quadriplegic with 20 years of experience being in a wheelchair. For many people dealing with disabilities, living independently or securing a job can be almost impossible because of emotional and physical hurdles they have to overcome.  People with disabilities can get the services of Rehabilitation Counsellors to learn the skills they need to cope with their disabilities and live independently. My role is to assist the counsellors to provide individualized services to members, help with day-to-day activities, including scheduling and managing appointments, and follow-up with families or other human service agencies.

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Social Work from Zaporizhzhia State University. I have worked with the Mennonite Central Committee for 12 years as a Program Coordinator.  I was responsible for the development and implementation of projects to assist with community and social development. I also used to manage, monitor, and evaluate complex international projects in Ukraine with up to one million dollars in funding. This has provided me with analytical and project management skills, and an ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences and social groups. As a leader, I oversaw more than 10 partnering organizations and monitored their projects in community development. I supervised report writing, budgeting, and ensured the consistent implementation of project strategies and goals.

I am very happy to join the great team at SCI Manitoba and to provide assistance to adults with spinal cord injuries to establish meaningful goals and reintegrate into society.