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May 24, 2024

Province Supports Patients with More Virtual Care Options During The Pandemic

Physicians Now Able to Provide Greater Care to More Patients With Appointments by Phone or Video: Friesen

The Manitoba government is working with physicians to
ensure Manitobans can stay connected to their doctor
with more virtual care options, Health, Seniors and Active
Living Minister Cameron Friesen announced today.
“As we face this second wave of COVID-19, our government
is supporting physicians and patients by expanding
virtual care options, particularly for the elderly and patients
with more complex medical issues who need more time with
their physician,” said Friesen. “Family doctors and specialists
are helping their patients stay on top of their medical
concerns and our government is working effectively with
Doctors Manitoba to support physicians with these new virtual
visit options.”
The new options will allow both specialists and family physicians
to offer more comprehensive visits virtually, with
more time to take a full patient history, review the results of
testing with patients and discuss treatment options. Family
physicians can offer extended visits to patients over the age
of 65, recognizing seniors often have more medical concerns
and may require additional time with their physician than
other patients.
“As we all try to limit our contact with people outside of our
households, these added virtual care options mean more patients
can continue to see their doctor without leaving their
home,” said Dr. Cory Baillie, president, Doctors Manitoba.
“Throughout this pandemic, physicians have been reminding
Manitobans not to put their health on hold, because delaying
your care can cause complications later. More virtual visit
options will help patients stay connected to their doctors and
stay on top of their medical issues.”
Baillie noted that when an in-person visit is needed, physicians
are taking extra precautions to keep patients safe with
thorough patient screening, additional cleaning, ensuring
physical distancing in common areas and by wearing protective
In March, the Manitoba government acted quickly to develop
time-limited virtual care options. This move was effective
in allowing physicians to offer follow-up care for patients
in the early days of the pandemic. The minister noted
that with the global pandemic now lasting longer and with
more restrictions now in place across the province, expanding
virtual care is further necessary to protecting Manitobans.
Today’s additional virtual visit options build on those introduced
in the spring, which supported virtual care for:

· primary care and specialist follow-up appointments;

· consultations to manage acute, chronic or complex health


· primary care for residents of personal care homes;

· consultation by developmental pediatricians for families

who care for children with developmental difficulties,

ensuring timely access to care from home;

· chronic pain management assessments and follow-up

appointments to ensure people have safe access to these

care needs; and

· psychotherapy by all physicians and psychiatric care by


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November 6, 2020 Province of Manitoba News Release reprinted
with permission.