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July 17, 2024

On the Road Again

Building on 18 years of experience with vehicle modification events across the province, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario with the help of over a dozen charities is excited to be hosting “On the Road Again” – their first virtual, Canada-wide Vehicle Modification Fair. 

This comprehensive online event will provide content that will be relevant to the disability community across Canada. You will be able to view a variety of modified vehicles and ask the questions to help you find the right vehicle to fit your needs and interests. Both vendors and vehicle owners will be there to showcase the possibilities in vehicle modification and share their expertise and lived experience. The event will also include vital information about all that it takes to get back “on the road again” – from assessment to driver rehabilitation. Whether you have a new disability or have been driving accessible vehicles for 30 years, “On the Road Again” will be an event not to be missed. 

Sessions will take place on August 18th, August 25th and September 1st.  Visit SCI Ontario’s website for more information and to register: