Dear All,

My name is Robyn Madden, and I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Dr. Shearer’s lab in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary.

I am writing to ask for your help in conducting a survey to assess baseline sports nutrition knowledge levels in athletes with a spinal cord injury and coaches of athletes with a spinal cord injury. The study is being done in collaboration with Dr. Jane Shearer (University of Calgary), Dr. Jill Parnell (Mount Royal University), and Dr. Joelle Flueck (Swiss Paraplegic Centre, Switzerland), and has been approved by the University of Calgary Conjoint Research Ethics Board (REB19-1127).

The end goal of this study is to advocate for educational seminars and programming to provide this athletic group and their associated support personnel with sound nutrition advice and information. As you know, there are presently no standardized sports nutrition guidelines and many athletes rely on able-bodied recommendations, which may not be appropriate. This heightens the risk of athletes improperly fueling their bodies prior to games and competitions.

The purpose of my email is to ask if you can help distribute the survey within your network, as that would be greatly appreciated! Even if this study does not directly apply to your organization’s target audience, we ask that you kindly help us spread the word as any exposure is beneficial! Ways you can help distribute our study include:
1. Follow us on IG and Twitter @SCI_SportsNutr and re-post our content
2. Post the links to the surveys on your organization’s social media platforms
3. Email the survey links to any teams, coaches, and athletes who you think may be interested (and meet the criteria)
4. Hang up recruitment posters in your offices / organization buildings and hand out “business cards” to teams, coaches, and athletes. If interested, please email me and I will mail you some! I have attached the poster and business cards for reference.
5. If your organization sends out a newsletter, please include a blurb about our study
6. If you meet the criteria, I invite you to participate!
A little more about the study: The survey is online and can be completed on a computer, tablet, or phone. It has been translated into a number of languages and will take about 30 minutes to complete. Upon completion, participants will be mailed a neck gaiter to thank them (value ~$10.00CAD). The links can be found below, as well as on our IG and Twitter accounts.
ATHLETE: https://survey.ucalgary.ca/jfe/form/SV_d0xUqIPY1cl5iAd

COACH: https://survey.ucalgary.ca/jfe/form/SV_eQo573Wf9xoEqb3

I am also interested in meeting with a team or a couple of athletes to take their photos either with the buff or completing the survey for social media content. We would of course follow all COVID protocols and provide them with a buff (regardless of participation). If your organization is outside of Alberta, we can mail the buffs to a team/athletes and they can take their own photos. If you know any athletes or teams interested in this, please let me know!

On behalf of our study team, I sincerely thank you for helping us with this initiative! I am more than happy to chat further about this via phone, email, or Zoom! I am passionate about Para research (my published articles are attached), so I hope you consider the above request!


Robyn F. Madden (she/her/hers) | Ph.D. Candidate
Kinesiology, University of Calgary
BHPE, BBA, Mount Royal University
C: (403)-363-3080 | E: robyn.madden1@ucalgary.ca



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